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Scratch it Premium Cat Hide-in Scratching post

Scratch it! is fun and eye- catching hide-in scratching post will appeal to the natural born hunter ..

Starting From BHD 27.200
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Scratch it Premium Cat Scratcher Post

Scratch it! is fun and eye- catching scratch post will appeal to the natural born hunter in your cat..

Starting From BHD 8.500
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Scratch It! Premium Ponchic Fabric Cat Scratcher

Scratch It ! Premium Ponchic Fabric Cat Scratching Tree is a top-quality play and climbing object fo..

Starting From BHD 22.800
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Scratch It 977 The Globe Modern Scratcher Sand Grey

Description: Scratching is a natural feline behavior that helps cats to stay happy and keep their c..

BHD 50.240
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3 in 1 Pet Automatic water fountain

To keep your pets healthy and well, you want to make sure they have clean water and food at all time..

BHD 36.600
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Adams Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo for Cats

Product Description: This deep-conditioning, cleansing flea and tick shampoo kills fleas, flea egg..

BHD 11.710
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Adams Plus Yard Spray

Product Description: Adams™ Flea & Tick Yard Spray provides quick relief from biting fleas and..

BHD 18.240
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All For Paws Chill Out Cooler Bowl

This ice bowl is coming! Place in freezer, Once frozen this bowl will allow hours of cool eating. Th..

Starting From BHD 5.300
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All For Paws Interactive Lucky Treat

A Smart way to teach your dog new tricks.Place the wireless button a few meters from the lucky treat..

BHD 30.140
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All For Paws Interactive Silcon Pad for Lucky Treat

Bowl pad for Lucky Treat The treats will fall in a bowl where dog can eat them. No more mess. Fe..

BHD 7.770
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All For Paws Outdoor All Road Boots

This green all road boots is suitable for durability and outdoor walking and running. With weather-r..

Starting From BHD 19.470
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Bio-Groom Silk Conditioning Creme Rinse Conditioner

Product Description: Show off an unforgettable shiny and smooth coat with Silk™. It is fortified w..

BHD 11.220
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Bioline Absorbent towel

Product Description: Bioline pet towels quickly dry off your dog or cat after bathing. Feature..

BHD 6.780
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Bioline Anti Hairball Paste Cat Grass Recipe

Product Description: remote the metabolism of hair balls, relieve stomach discomfort, reduce bad b..

BHD 5.410
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Bioline Anti Parasite Coat Spray

Product Description: Liquid spray which is applied to the coat. The special formulation uses the r..

BHD 7.270
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