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Optima Bowls Premium Anti-Tip & Slip, Platinum Pet Bowl

Limit your accidental spills with this premium model bowl. With a silicone infused base and anti-tip..

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Optima Bowls Premium No-tip Charcoal-Lined Platinum Pet Bowl

Never sacrifice style for quality with this premium pet bowl. This cool, charcoal model is colored u..

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Optima Bowls Premium Weighted, No-slip, Platinum Pet Bowl

Accidental spills can become a thing of the past with this premium, weighted model. Its heavy design..

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Optima Bowls® Classic Pet Bowls

The classic pet bowl offers a high-quality produce without breaking the bank. Being easy to clean an..

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Optima Bowls® Premium No-tip Anti-slip Classic Platinum Pet Bowls

This premium pet bowl brings you back to the basics without any unnecessary flair. This durable bowl..

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Pawise Hook & Clamp for Dog Bowl

Hook & Clamp for Dog Bowl It has a hook to place it and adjust it perfectly to the cage, and ..

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Pawise Pet Slow Feeder

Healthy Slow Feeding Dog Bowl Pawise Slow Feeder Dog Bowl features meal-lengthening ridges and ma..

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Pet Studio sweet Safari Treat Canister

Product Description The animal print Pet Studio™ Sweet Safari Pet Treat Canister has a chic style e..

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Pets.Love.Earth Double Diner Pet Feeder Green

Serve up dinner in style with this two section pet feeder, Economical can use for water and food...

BHD 3.100
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Pets.Love.Earth Pet's Nursing Bottle With Cleaning Brush

Whether you are fostering a rescue or helping out mom, this pet’s nursing bottle set is perfect for ..

BHD 4.190
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Pioneer Pet Bali Isle Automatic Water Fountain

Keep your kitty hydrated and never forget to fill their water bowl again with the Pioneer Pet Bali ..

Starting From BHD 16.780
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Pioneer Pet Ceramic Drinking Fountain BIG MAX™

Drinking Fountain Big Max™ by Pioneer Pet Moving water attracts pets, encouraging them to drink to ..

Starting From BHD 46.220
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Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain Fung Shui Style

Product Description: Pet fountains help your animals to drink more water because they are attracted..

BHD 17.260
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Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain Plastic Spout Style

Product Description: The super quiet Pet Pioneer Serenity Cat Fountain gives your feline friend two..

BHD 24.040
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Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters

Features: • 3 layer filtration captures debris & keeps drinking water pure • Clean filters he..

BHD 4.330
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