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Pawise Dog Combo Brush

Perfect combination of 2 brushes Perfect to remove the old coat and create a deep shine. Massage ..

BHD 5.830
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Pawise Dog Flea Comb

Flea Comb for Pets Removes flea, larvae and flea eggs. You can also use this comb to remove dirt. ..

BHD 3.200
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Pawise Dog Palm Rubber Brush

Pawise Dog Palm Brush • Perfect combination of brushing and massaging. • This brush is to use wh..

BHD 3.080
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Pawise Dog Pin Brush

Pin Brush for Cat & Dog This brush has soft pins so your dog will love brushing again. The sk..

BHD 4.300
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Pawise Dog Undercoat Rake

Undercoat Rake Pawise Dog Undercoat Rake Scraper is produced with metal bristles and rubber cable..

Starting From BHD 3.740
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Pawise Feather Tumbler

Description Toys for your cat are of great importance for your physical and mental activity, avoid ..

BHD 5.070
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Pawise First Aid Kit

Pawise First Aid Kit Having first aid for your dog is important, as it helps to be prepared and s..

BHD 3.860
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Pawise Foam Balls Toy

Pawise Foam Ball Toys for Cats These balls are made for fun for your cat, with many colors and fun ..

Starting From BHD 0.450
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Pawise Glitter Cat Teaser Toy

The Glitter Teaser wand for cats. Pawise is one of the best toys for cats in the house, as they sti..

BHD 2.980
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Pawise Grooming Brush

Pawise Grooming Brush Brush your dog gently yet thoroughly with this Pawise dog brush. The Groomi..

BHD 6.490
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Pawise Grooming Combo Brush

The perfect combination of 2 brushes Perfect for removing the old fur and creating a deep shine. ..

Starting From BHD 4.950
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Pawise Hook & Clamp for Dog Bowl

Hook & Clamp for Dog Bowl It has a hook to place it and adjust it perfectly to the cage, and ..

Starting From BHD 3.200
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Pawise Inflatable Protective Collar

Designed as an alternative to traditional cone style Elizabethan collars, the Pawise Inflatable Prot..

Starting From BHD 9.750
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Pawise Kitten Harness With Leash

Pawise cat Harness is made from high quality materials. Ideal for cats to take for walk, this harnes..

BHD 7.040
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Pawise Kitty Play Mat

Pawise Cat Play Mat • Top-quality Product • Cat Play Mat • Play and fun for cat • Endless enjo..

BHD 10.890
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