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Your dog or cat may be just like any other family member, but they can't pop in to the local salon by themselves when they need a quick haircut. Keeping your dog properly groomed prevents painful skin conditions and helps them look their best every day. We offer three distinct grooming packages at Pet Arabia to fit your needs.

Basic Grooming Package

Stop by each week and invest in a quick bath and brushing to maintain your pet's coat between major grooming visits. Your pet will smell sweet and look great. We'll trim up any stray hairs that might be tickling their eyes or nose, then finish up by cleaning their ears.
Small: BD 20   Medium/cat: BD 30    Large: BD 40

Regular Grooming Package

We can take any faithful companion and make him or her ready for the doggy runway with this full grooming service. The visit starts with nail clipping and ear cleaning. Long nails and ear wax build-up can both lead to pain for the pup. A full bath is included, which is followed up with a brush out and full body trim. Our expert groomers will work out any mats in the coat and shave or trim around certain parts of the body to promote good hygiene. The visit ends with a spritz of cologne and a bandana or bow.
Small: BD 30   Medium/cat: BD 40    Large: BD 50

Royalty Treatment Package

Treat your pup like a prince or princess with all-natural shampoos and premium fur conditioners. We will give your pet a sparkling smile with a thorough tooth-brushing and handle the tricky process of anal gland cleaning in addition to all of the services included in the regular grooming package. If you book multiple pets, we also offer an optional organic mineral-rich mud bath, which softens your pet's fur even more and reduces skin inflammation absolutely free of charge. 
Small: BD 40   Medium/cat: BD 50    Large: BD 60