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Bioline Ear Care 50ml

Ear Care with special dropper for easy use Ideal for cleaning and care of the auditory canals. Mild..

BHD 2.900
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Bioline Ear Care Drops 120ml

Ear Care drop Ideal for cleaning and care of the auditory canals. Mildly cleans ears, enhances proc..

BHD 4.300
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Bioline Eye care drop 50ml

This product is used for care and cleaning of the eyes. This is mild cleaner which frees the adjacen..

BHD 2.500
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Bioline Pet wipes 10pcs

Description Non-woven fibers with amino acid hydration factor. Safe and gentle, especially for pet ..

BHD 0.900
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Bioline Tear stain remover 50ml

Tear Stain Remover Gentle cleaning for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. Tear stain remo..

BHD 2.500
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Bunny Care Gel 100ml

Product Description: care natural is completely natural and made from pine heartwood extract. The ..

BHD 6.900
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Bunny Interactive Back to the Root for Rabbits & Rodents

Product Description: Back to the roots The nibbling roots are made of 100% natural heather roots ..

BHD 5.400
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Pawise Edible Mineral Stone Carrot Shape

Oval shaped licking stone for rabbit, hamster and guinea pigs. * It is safe, made of non-toxic m..

BHD 1.700
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Pawise Edible Mineral Stone Flower Shape

Play & Chew Mineral Pie Brighten up the cage with these cute and colorful mineral tarts. These ..

BHD 3.200
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Purrify Wet Wipes for Pets

Description: For cleansing of eyes, ears, face and body simply wipe the parts to be cleaned and re..

BHD 1.900
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