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Bunny Care Natural - Cage Care 100ml

care natural is completely natural and made from pine heartwood extract. The natural body's defense ..

BHD 2.500
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Pawise Grooming Kit

Pawise Grooming Kit for Rodents, they are brushes for small animals, your little friend will not kno..

BHD 8.700
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Stefanplast Hygienic Quicky forceps

Description The Quicky pallet is necessary for cleaning your pets' droppings anywhere. The optimal ..

BHD 2.600
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Stefanplast Hygienic Scoop

Description Toilet dustpan Toilet litter shovel, with sieve, functional and easy to handle...

BHD 1.300
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Stefanplast Multipurpose Universal Twice Shovel

Description The Twice pallet is entirely made of plastic with narrow holes and a re-sealable flap f..

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