Scratch It! Cat Scratch Tree Pure White

This elegant scratch post doubles as a second home for your feline friend.In addition to offering yo..

BHD 85.800
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Scratch It! Cozy Cat Hideout

Cats love to keep their claws strong, so our selection of cat scratching furniture is the ideal addi..

Starting From BHD 32.450
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Scratch It! Minimalist Hideaway

Perfect for modern interior design, this elegant Scratch It! model doubles as a scratch post as well..

Starting From BHD 47.850
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Scratch It! Natural Catnip 30g

What is catnip? Well, it’s completely natural herb that in the wild, cats flock to form miles aro..

BHD 4.180
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Scratch It! Pink and Brown Scratch Post with Dangle Ball

Scratch it! is fun and eye- catching scratch post will appeal to the natural born hunter in your cat..

BHD 5.390
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Scratch it! Red & Beige Spring Ball, Blue &Beige Spring Ball

Keep your cat off your new furniture with a Scratch it! Red & Beige Spring Ball. The cute swirle..

Starting From BHD 2.980
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Sentry Pheromone Calming Collars For Dogs

Product Description: SENTRY Calming Collars use patented GOOD Behavior pheromone technology. Using..

BHD 11.660
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Sentry Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray

Product Description: To modify destructive or aggressive behavior, this new product for dogs combi..

BHD 11.230
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Shaun the Sheep Dog Bitzer

Product Description: Trixie colorful figures offers you everything your dog needs for high-spirite..

BHD 6.900
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Shed Pal Incredible Cordless Pet Vac!

• Easy touch up of coats, pants and sofas-removing hair and lint • A quick fix for staircases and c..

BHD 8.140
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Speedy Pet Water Proof Out Door Pet Sleeping Bag

Product Description: Speedy Pet Water Proof Out Door Pet Sleeping Bag's outer layer is waterproof ..

BHD 10.350
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Stefanplast Bidone Speedy Container

Sturdy and easy to clean bin with clip lid and ergonomic handle. This bin is suitable for multiple ..

BHD 4.950
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Stefanplast Active carbon filter

Spare carbon filter Spare carbon filter to keep the cat toilet always sanitized. 6 pics in a bag..

BHD 1.050
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Stefanplast Break Reserve double use for water or food

Practical bowl with double use dispenser for water or food. Chic Multireserve is a bowl for dogs an..

Starting From BHD 3.080
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Stefanplast Break Reserve Food Dispenser

Description Break réserve is a practical food distributor for dogs and cats. Thanks to the transpar..

Starting From BHD 10.450
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