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Baldo VIP Rabbit Cage

Solid cage for rodents for indoor use. The bars are made of metal and the cage bottom of solid plast..

BHD 72.600
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Bioline Dry clean powder 100g

The Dry – Clean Shampoo deodorizes and mildly cleans the coat without bathing. It neutralizes bad od..

BHD 2.540
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Bioline Ear Care Drops 120ml

Ear Care drop Ideal for cleaning and care of the auditory canals. Mildly cleans ears, enhances proc..

BHD 4.730
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Bioline Eye care drop 50ml

This product is used for care and cleaning of the eyes. This is mild cleaner which frees the adjacen..

BHD 2.760
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Bioline Replacement Tape for Pet Roller 2pcs

Bioline Feather replacement rolls for adhesive roller which removing hair from your clothes. - Tap..

BHD 2.090
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Bioline Tear stain remover 50ml

Tear Stain Remover Gentle cleaning for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. Tear stain remo..

BHD 2.760
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Bunny bedding Active 35L

Bunny Bedding Active combines many amazing features of different products in one: it is very absorbe..

BHD 13.200
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Bunny Bedding Linum 12.5 ltr

Product Description: Bunny Bedding Linum is a natural linen bedding. It offers your pets maximum c..

BHD 2.980
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Bunny Dwarf Hamster Dream Expert 500g

Complete food for Dwarf Hamsters Ingredients Plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, quinoa seeds..

BHD 6.830
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Bunny Hay Fresh Apple

Product Description: Fresh Grass Hay APPLES Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents (except dw..

BHD 3.680
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Bunny Hay Fresh Grass

Product Description: Pure Nature's Fresh Grass Hay Single food for rabbits & rodents Fea..

BHD 3.680
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Bunny Hay From Nature Conservation Meadows 600g

Product Description: It is the most original and natural hay you can imagine. Of course, it is com..

BHD 4.100
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Bunny Interactive Digging Box

Product Description: Dig, dig, dig – that is a rabbit's favorite and most natural occupation! And ..

BHD 24.210
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Bunny Interactive digging fun-Sand mix

Product Description: The Digging Fun Sand-Mix from bunny Nature gives your pets the greatest diggi..

BHD 8.140
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Bunny Interactive Snufflemat Felt

Product Description: Simply hide tasty treats in the mat and here we go... Search - Play - Snack -..

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