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Chipsi Classic Pet Bedding

Product Description: CHIPSI CLASSIC is the simple basic litter in pet hygiene, and has proved its ..

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Chipsi Climate Floor Bedding for Small Animal

Product Description: CHIPSI CLIMATE FLOOR Hemp mats provide an excellent climate in the small an..

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Chipsi Forest Fresh Bark Chips pet Bedding 30L (6kg)

Product Description: With the CHIPSI FOREST FRESH bark litter mixture for small animals, your pet ..

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Chipsi Fun Pet Bedding Economy Pack 4kg

Product Description: CHIPSI FUN is a litter made of softwood chips with colourful fleece flakes, c..

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Chipsi Green Apple Pet Bedding 3.2kg

Product Description: That smells so good! – CHIPSI GREEN APPLE has a delicious green apple aroma. ..

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Chipsi Straberry Pet Bedding 3.2kg

Product Description: That smells so good! – CHIPSI STRAWBERRY has a delicious strawberry aroma. Th..

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Chipsi Sunshine plus Timothy Hay 750g

Product Description: Pleasant and easily digestible CHIPSI SUNSHINE PLUS Timothy, a valuable pla..

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Chipsi Sunshine Wiesenheu Compact Hay

Your animals will love eating CHIPSI SUNSHINE meadow hay. CHIPSI SUNSHINE meadow hay contains all th..

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Chipsi Supper Pet Bedding 15 kg

Product Description: CHIPSI SUPER is just the right litter for you, as it is practically free from..

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Chipsi Ultra Pet Bedding 10L

Product Description: CHIPSI ULTRA consists of small softwood granules. These fine granules have an..

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Four Paws Pill Dispenser

Product Description Four Paws Quick and Easy Pill Dispenser for Pets is the quickest and easiest ..

BHD 2.210
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KayTee Hiideout Igloo itty Gaint

Igloos come in assorted cool colors and they're made of translucent plastic so you can see your pet ..

BHD 8.700
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MPS H10 Hamster Cage

Product Description: Designed for small rodent in particular by using a pitch of 8 mm to contain ..

BHD 36.400
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MPS Kleo VIP Hamster Box

Product Description: This is a nice cage with different attributes where the hamster can enjoy th..

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Optima Bowls Magenta - Pink No-Slip Platinum Pet Bowl

Keep their food off the floor with this high-quality, platinum pet bowl that is fit for a queen. Ava..

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