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Small Animals

Chipsi Sunshine Wiesenheu Compact Hay

Your animals will love eating CHIPSI SUNSHINE meadow hay. CHIPSI SUNSHINE meadow hay contains all th..

Starting From BHD 3.950
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Chipsi Ultra Pet Bedding 10L

Product Description: CHIPSI ULTRA consists of small softwood granules. These fine granules have an..

BHD 6.920
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Kordon AmQuel® Ammonia Remover Water Conditioner

The addition of KORDON'S AmQuel to aquarium or pond water quickly removes ammonia, chlorine and chlo..

BHD 10.590
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MPS Kleo VIP Hamster Cage

Product Description: This is a nice cage with different attributes where the hamster can enjoy th..

BHD 33.380
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Nutrafin Basix Betta Fish Food

Product Description: Nutrafin Basix Betta Fish Food Bettas have small stomachs and therefore s..

BHD 1.010
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Nutrafin Basix Goldfish Food

Product Description: Nutrafin Basix Goldfish Food Coldwater fish such as Goldfish and Koi do n..

Starting From BHD 1.520
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Nutrafin Basix Staple Food

Product Description: Nutrafin Basix Staple Food Nutrafin basix Staple Food is specifically for..

Starting From BHD 1.680
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Nutrafin Basix Turtle Gammarus Pellets

Product Description: Turtles and terrapins require a well balanced diet that contains ingredients..

Starting From BHD 1.680
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Optima Bowls Magenta - Pink No-Slip Platinum Pet Bowl

Keep their food off the floor with this high-quality, platinum pet bowl that is fit for a queen. Ava..

Starting From BHD 3.100
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Optima Bowls® Classic Pet Bowls

The classic pet bowl offers a high-quality produce without breaking the bank. Being easy to clean an..

Starting From BHD 1.000
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Optima Bowls® Premium No-tip Anti-slip Classic Platinum Pet Bowls

This premium pet bowl brings you back to the basics without any unnecessary flair. This durable bowl..

Starting From BHD 1.850
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Pawise Drink Bottles

Description: This drinking bottle is suitable for rodents such as rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, ra..

Starting From BHD 3.340
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Pawise Fun Tunnels

Fun Tunnel for rodents This Plastic tube is stretchy and bendable. The curiosity of your rodent wil..

Starting From BHD 4.190
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Pawise Hair Remover Kit

Pawise Hair Remover Kit is the  most practical, economical and Eco friendly tool to remove fluf..

BHD 8.940
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Pawise Hamster Game Tunnel

Description: Pawise Hamster Game Tunnel; for rodents, hamster tunnel made of cardboard material, w..

Starting From BHD 2.230
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