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Pawise Fun Tunnels

Fun Tunnel for rodents This Plastic tube is stretchy and bendable. The curiosity of your rodent wil..

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Pawise Hair Remover Kit

Pawise Hair Remover Kit is the  most practical, economical and Eco friendly tool to remove fluf..

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Pawise Hamster Game Tunnel

Description: Pawise Hamster Game Tunnel; for rodents, hamster tunnel made of cardboard material, w..

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Pawise Hamster Toilet Set

A set of easy-to-clean sand containers for the hamsters, which are designed to accommodate the toile..

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Pawise Jogging Harness

Description: The Pawise Pectoral for Rodents, is a breastplate for small animals, and accompanies ..

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Pawise Locking Crock

Locked pot Solid food or water container with high edge. This way your pet has easy access to his o..

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Pawise Plastic Castle

Plastic Castle (sleeping hut) This plastic castle is ideal for small rodents. This cottage gives th..

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Pawise Silent Spinner Wheel

Pawise Footed Hamster Wheel A hamster wheel made of transparent acrylic material that is comfortab..

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Pet Arabia Sanitizer Dog Character

Product Description: Antiseptic use Hand Sanitizer to help reduce bacteria that potentially can c..

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Purrify Ear Care Solution 50ml

So much like clipping your pet's nails, brushing their fur and taking good care of their teeth hygie..

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Purrify Ear Mite Treatment 30ml

Purrify Ear Mite Treatment Unlike humans, the nature of your pet's ear is structured differently. T..

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Seachem Prime Concentrated Conditioner for Marine & Fresh Water(500 ml)

Prime is a complete and concentrated water conditioner for fresh and salt water. It detoxifies ammon..

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Stefanplast CHIC Food Bowl

Description Chic bowls are innovative in their shape and incredibly practical to clean, they are al..

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Stefanplast Midi Gulliver Pet Carrier

Description Midi Gulliver is the practical and versatile carrier ideal for small dogs, cats or rode..

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Stefanplast Travel Chic Pet Carrier

Description Travel Chic Always bring our dog with us and our cat becomes pleasant, safe and elegan..

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