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Four Paws Pill Dispenser

Product Description Four Paws Quick and Easy Pill Dispenser for Pets is the quickest and easiest ..

BHD 1.400
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KayTee Hiideout Igloo itty Gaint

Igloos come in assorted cool colors and they're made of translucent plastic so you can see your pet ..

BHD 7.900
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Optima Bowls Magenta - Pink No-Slip Platinum Pet Bowl

Keep their food off the floor with this high-quality, platinum pet bowl that is fit for a queen. Ava..

Starting From BHD 2.500
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Optima Bowls® Classic Pet Bowls

The classic pet bowl offers a high-quality produce without breaking the bank. Being easy to clean an..

Starting From BHD 0.800
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Optima Bowls® Premium No-tip Anti-slip Classic Platinum Pet Bowls

This premium pet bowl brings you back to the basics without any unnecessary flair. This durable bowl..

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Pawise Drink Bottles

Description: This drinking bottle is suitable for rodents such as rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, ra..

Starting From BHD 2.600
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Pawise Edible Mineral Stone Carrot Shape

Oval shaped licking stone for rabbit, hamster and guinea pigs. * It is safe, made of non-toxic m..

BHD 1.700
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Pawise Edible Mineral Stone Flower Shape

Play & Chew Mineral Pie Brighten up the cage with these cute and colorful mineral tarts. These ..

BHD 3.200
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Pawise Exercise Ball

Let your rodent walk around your house in a safe way. Thanks to this walking ball your rodent will g..

Starting From BHD 3.600
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Pawise Fun Tunnels

Fun Tunnel for rodents This Plastic tube is stretchy and bendable. The curiosity of your rodent wil..

Starting From BHD 3.400
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Pawise Grooming Kit

Pawise Grooming Kit for Rodents, they are brushes for small animals, your little friend will not kno..

BHD 8.700
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Pawise Hamster Game Tunnel

Description: Pawise Hamster Game Tunnel; for rodents, hamster tunnel made of cardboard material, w..

Starting From BHD 1.800
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Pawise Hamster Toilet Set

A set of easy-to-clean sand containers for the hamsters, which are designed to accommodate the toile..

BHD 4.600
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Pawise Hay Ball

Hay Ball for rodents The safe and easy way to feed different snacks in a hygienic way! There is a b..

BHD 2.600
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Pawise Hay Roller

Hay Roller for rodents A fun way to entertain your rodent while feeding. In addition, it is easy to..

BHD 9.600
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