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Grooming Terms & Condition

Caring for your pet is a responsibility that we take VERY SERIOUSLY, but because we are working with living, breathing, moving animals it is necessary to have a release form signed prior to grooming.

  • 1. PERMISSION TO SEEK VETERINARY CARE If ill or injured, PET ARABIA has permission to call or take your pet to veterinarian of their choice, and expenses will be paid by the pet owner. PET ARABIA will not be held responsible for any sickness, injury or death caused by the pet to itself during grooming, from pre-existing health conditions, allergies, irritation, natural disaster or any illness a pet acquires due to never administered or expired vaccines.
  • 2. INJURY DUE TO SKIN & COAT NEGLECT PET ARABIA will not be held responsible for clipper burn, minor nicks or cuts, or irritation resulting from grooming of matted; neglected coats or pet possessing mild to serve skin allergies (including ears), nor will they be held responsible for stressful effect grooming may have on a pet.
  • 3. PROTECTION FROM AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR In the event that pet displays any aggressive behavior, the groomer reserves the right to use a muzzle, soft tape ( for cats) or an Elizabethan collar to protect from injury. PET ARABIA has the right to return the pet to owner if displays uncontrollable aggressive behavior.
  • 4. ADDITIONAL FEES PET ARABIA reserves the right to charge additional fees for services they consider over and above the norm covered by their standard rates. Example: Severe aggressive or coat condition. PET ARABIA also reserve the right to refuse service to customerswhose pet may pose a threat to them or other pets left in their care. Example: Severe aggressive, parasite infestation. PET ARABIA has the right to provide flee & tick treatment if necessary & pet owner is liable for extra charges.
  • 5. COMPENSATION CLAIMS PET ARABIA will notify the owner regarding any vet cure charges while pet is under PET ARABIA’S care. The owner is liable to pay all expenses within 48 hours.
  • 6. ABANDONED PETS If a pet is not picked up the same day he/she is groomed, the pet will be boarded at the rate of BD 30 per night until released to owner. If the pet is not called for within fourteen (14) days. PET ARABIA has the right to place the pet in a suitable home. The owner will receive one (1) notification by SMS. No further notice will be given.
  • 7. MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENT In case of any mishap happen with the groomer due to aggressive behavior of the animal, all the medical treatment and charges shall be borne by the owner.
  • 8. VACCINATION The vaccination documents or certificate is required from the owner. By bringing your pet to Pet ArabiaYou are certifying that your pet doesn’t carry any contagious disease or illness that could be transmitted to other animals or human. Moreover, you are certifying that your pet is up to date with his/her vaccinations.
  • 9. ADVERTISMENT Pet Arabia reserves the right of taking photos of pets before, during, and after being groomed. Photos of your pet may be Used in any form of public advertisements or marketing material.

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